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All our mx jerseys for men

All our mx jerseys for men

The FIRST RACING GP COLLECTIONmotorcycle jersey will meet the needs of all riders looking for maximum comfort. Designed for speed and thrill seekers, it offers excellent air circulation to keep you dry even during intense sports effort As for the dirt bike jersey, it's the ideal equipment to get you out on the muddiest terrain. Indeed, this model intended for the practice of dirt bike guarantees a great freedom of movements to allow the pilot to remain concentrated on the race and to combine performance and speed. Dirt biking is a demanding discipline that requires the rider to negotiate turns without losing speed. Finally, hit the trails with confidence with the FIRSTRACING FLAG jersey. Very pleasant to wear, it favors the movements and the comfort of the pilot while keeping the body dry and cool. Ideal for enduro, it is very robust and offers an excellent quality/weight ratio Made in France, discover all our motocross jerseys for your next riding sessions! Why wear a motorcycle jersey? Whatever your favorite discipline, to practice your favorite sport, it is essential to favor a comfortable and technical equipment. Indeed, motorcycling and especially motocross is a demanding sport that requires anticipation and reflexes. To choose the right motocross gear, several elements must be taken into account. First of all, the frequency of practice; for beginners, opt for a thick jersey that resists falls and tears. Combining comfort and durability, they allow riders to enjoy the most rugged and demanding trails in all weather conditions. To boost your motorcycle skills, FIRSTRACING equips you with quality jerseys at the best price to meet the expectations of all riders

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